Your leadership for a zero-carbon New Zealand enhances the reputation and/or profits and also helps assure the best return on investment on your carbon management. Communicating your low-carbon progress will drive deeper engagement with your stakeholders, and help your school or business to achieve its social and environmental goals.

Certification & Labelling

Preparing schools and businesses to get ready for an initial and the followed annual carbon-related auditing

  • carbon footprint: verification – consistency and reliability
  • emission reduction: project design validation and monitoring verification (e.g., baseline, additionality, reduction estimation and etc.)

New Zealand certification systems

Qualified consulting firm since 2013 for Eco-Mark (known as Toitū today) Carbon Reduce and Carbon Zero.

Other expertise

Understanding of other carbon certification and labelling systems for international market accessibility and competition (e.g., International Sustainability and Carbon Certification, ISCC, in Europe)

Legal Compliance

Soucing qualified emission reducations

Technical review: baseline, additionality, and etc.

ERPA negotiation and implementation

ERPA stands for Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement.

We will Make Your Zero Carbon Goal Come True

We are focused on sustainable business that delivers the best possible results.

Other Services

  • mitiGate

    We help schools and businesses to examine carbon reductions and solutions, covering the role of management, technology, and innovation in your operational environment and the interactions of other drivers (e.g.

  • Analyse

    Our solid knowledge in the areas of carbon accounting provides schools and businesses with a high-level understanding of their carbon footprinting and relevant behaviour patterns. Globally accepted methodologies will be