Our solid knowledge in the areas of carbon accounting provides schools and businesses with a high-level understanding of their carbon footprinting and relevant behaviour patterns. Globally accepted methodologies will be applied throughout the entire procedure of measurement. Our service also prepares schools and businesses to demonstrate how consistency and reliability are maintained throughout the calculative practices. This is important for legal compliance and/or carbon label certificate.

Emission Data Analysis

Understanding of seasonal and behaviour patterns

Identifying reduction potentials

  • avoid: management framework
  • reduce: technologies, e.g., energy-efficient
  • switch: supply chain management, e.g., purchase of green power
  • offset: stakeholder communication management, e.g., certification

Case Studies

Greenfield was invited by Tourism Industry Association New Zealand to deliver a keynote speech about decarbonisation in the tourism industry, especially in the sector of hospitality, in 2014. From then on, some New Zealand hotels, for example, Sumida Hotel Rotorua Lake and Hotel DeBrett Auckland, presented their passions to become more sustainable. Then, we conducted walk-through auditing at Sudima Rotorua and a top-management interview at Hotel DeBrett. Carbon Footprint Reports were prepared carefully according to the requirements of ISO 14064 and the GHG Protocol to support the executives’ decisions on their sustainable journey. Today, Sudima has got carboNZero certified by Toitū.

Capability: ISO 14064, GHG Protocol, Local Knowledge, Energy Efficiency, Green Building

We will Make Your Zero Carbon Goal Come True

We are focused on sustainable business that delivers the best possible results.

Other Services

  • Integrate

    Integration improves businesses effectiveness and efficiency to get certified according to different standards, for example, integrating ISO 14061 carbon management into your existing ISO systems. This is a tailored service,

  • Communicate

    Your leadership for a zero-carbon New Zealand enhances the reputation and/or profits and also helps assure the best return on investment on your carbon management. Communicating your low-carbon progress will